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Quickupcamper Availability

The Quickupcamper is not yet in production. The real economy is still too weak. Meantime, the 4.6L V8 automatic F150 prototype has gone 23,000 miles under a variety of test conditions, and has proved to be even better than we expected. It has averaged about 20 mpg, wet, (fully loaded) and "going with the flow" of normal USA traffic (~70 mph) wherever we are. We can now claim that it is absolutely stable in gusty, 100 mph side winds with no problems.

The first production Quickupcampers will probably be sold complete, mounted on a full-size, long-bed pickup truck, to make sure the workmanship is good enough to ensure the quality that prevents lawsuits and unhappy campers. For this reason, we also will not sell kits or plans, as the average person does not have the training to handle the necessary molding. How all components fit together can be tricky, too. The "Q" looks simple, but it isn't.

Prices will depend on equipment ordered, but are expected to fall into the mid-range of pickup-based RVs: about $12,000 for the "Q" nicely equipped as shown, installed on the (latest model) suitable truck, ready to go.

Note: A production version will have its own rear panel instead of the split Ford tailgate. In addition to complete Quickupcampers, we also plan to sell an empty one with operating shells only, and no interior furniture, for buyers that want to design and build their own interiors.


We are open to interesting proposals for production and distribution. We've been in many shows and dozens of campgrounds. Thousands of people have come in and sat down. We still get multiple inquiries on line every day, as we have have for years. Most people love this design! We need someone to make these RVs ready to market. I designed it so that tooling up would be cheap and easy. New processes should reduce labor costs. New materials should facilitate production. Time for something new. The Quickupcamper really is the first of a new breed. Let's make some!

- Jay Baldwin

Last revised 7/15/13

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