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Quickupcamper Interior

The dinette seats four comfortably at a fold-down table. Dinnerware, pots and utensils ride safely in a conventional dish rack mounted in a watertight, ventilated drawer equipped with a drain. Wash 'em in the sink, put 'em in the drawer rack to drip dry out of sight, and forget about 'em. Large, open-type drawer pulls help ventilate drawers, and do not catch on clothes. Integral latches prevent drawers from opening while driving.

kitchen module

J inside at dinette

It takes about one minute to transform the dinette seats into a 90 x 54 inch bunk with a yard of headroom (far more than a typical cab-over design). The counterbalanced bunk parts do not require lifting more than 5 lbs. The erected bunk does not block access to the fridge, kitchen, potty or any of the 14 drawers. The top-hinged windows allow you to see the sky while in bed, yet are above the eye level of most people outside. Two windows serve as the emergency exits required by law. The kitchen vent fan offers fresh air without opening any windows in cold weather, rain or sandstorms. A third person can sleep (awkwardly) on the padded floor under the bunk. Children can sleep in an extended type truck cab's back seat when it is equipped with an aftermarket bunk conversion kit and a pass-through window into the Quickup cabin.

sleeping area, bunk
fridge and potty

fridge open
The electric fridge and Porta-potti® nestle into the rear corner. The top-opening fridge saves energy. Storage space is behind both. The fridge top serves as a seat or possibly counter top while cooking.
bunk profile
The triangulated bunk supports are a lot stronger than they look.
storage cupboardA 6 foot wide, cross-truck storage bin at the front provides room for a small barbeque, and sporting equipment, such as an inflatable boat.
storage cupboard in use
The cross-truck storage bin in use.

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