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Quickupcamper Specifications

2001 Ford F150, long bed, regular cab.


4.6L V8 engine, (281 cubic inches).
30 gallon tank, Regular fuel.
Approx. 20 MPG highway (with full load).


Empty truck weight: 4200 lbs.
Truck wet weight with Qupcamper: 6000 lbs.
Truck capacity: 6050 lbs.
Wet weight includes tanks full, food and supplies for 2 weeks, and 2 people.


Truck width: 79.5 inches.
Truck height: 72.4 inches.
Truck length: 225.5 inches.
Wheelbase: 138.5 inches.
Track: 65.4 inches.


Solar Panel, 75 watts.
House battery, 100 ah.
Propane, 6 gallon/25 lb tank.
LED lighting, water pump, vant fan, fridge,
Inverter for limited use 120 volt AC.


Interior approx. 8' x 8'
Interior headroom: 6'4".
Overall bunk size: 7'6" x 4'6", headroom above: bunk 41".
Wall to wall cupboard is 6 ft. wide.
Bulk storage floor area when camper is closed measures 37" tall by 23" wide by 40" long.

Water tank: 14 gallons.
Fridge capacity: 2 cubic ft./50 lbs.

14 drawers plus wall-to-wall cupboard (kitchen
drawers sized to fit common food packages).

Optional: water heater, stereo, TV, Wifi, Bluetooth.

Quickup floor plan

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